Slow Club Trick Question歌词

Dream, baby dream
Of the places that me and you've been
All the fires that we built, they burn so bright
Cover my eyes
I am waiting for a sign to arrive

Get well soon
Don't lose your mouth
You will soon be bones in a bag
Buried south of our house

Don't shoot the sky
I don't know where it will land
Hold the bullet tight, burn a hole in your hand

Feel your way
Try make a light shine at least once a day
Onto the carpet we'll fall
'Cos our knees are so weak

And now that I've found you
I can't sleep
Fill your eyes
With apples and sparkles and pets in disguise
Be my lover, my saviour
Punish bad behaviour
You go, say goodbye

Make sure you're alone
Whenever discussing secrets on the phone
There's an itch I can't scratch
In the middle of your back
It's a shame, that I had changed

And dream, baby dream
Of the places that me and you've been
All the fires that we built, they burn so bright
Cover my eyes
I am waiting for a sign to arrive

  • 专辑: Let's Fall Back In Love
  • 歌手:Slow Club
  • 歌曲:Trick Question

Slow Club Trick Question歌词


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