Dave Thomas Junior Tell Me What You See歌词

Forever falling on your feet
And now you got me wondering
If we could really never stop
What’s at the edge?

If I could lay my eyes on you
You’re the earth I’m gonna be the moon
You’re the sea I’m gonna be the shore
If you’re the peace I guess I’ll be the war

Hard to believe we’re living in
The shadows of imagining
One little spark of what I feel for you
Could light the universe

And if we find a grain of truth
I’m gonna keep it safe for you
I’ll take it to the place we know
That no one else can ever go

Hold on a second
Tell me what you see
Hold on a second
Is it you is it you and me

The silver lining's been bestowed
If we were wrong we’ll never know
We’re looking at it just the same
See that dot?

That’s us and everything we know
And it’s so far from our control
But if we get behind the glass
We can hold it in our hands

Hold on a second
Tell me what you see
Hold on a second
Is it you is it you and me


  • 专辑:The Lucky Ones
  • 歌手:Dave Thomas Junior
  • 歌曲:Tell Me What You See

Dave Thomas Junior Tell Me What You See歌词


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