Soundtrack O Canada歌词

[00:01.08]O Canada!
[00:05.11]Our home and native land!
[00:10.70]True patriot love in all thy sons command
[00:20.01]With glowing hearts we see thee rise
[00:24.94]The True North strong and free!
[00:29.90]From far and wide
[00:32.29]O Canada we stand on guard for thee
[00:40.49]God keep our land glorious and free!
[00:50.31]O Canada we stand on guard for thee
[01:00.14]O Canada we stand on guard for thee

  • 专辑:South Park:Bigger Longer & Uncut OST
  • 歌手:Soundtrack
  • 歌曲:O Canada

Soundtrack O Canada歌词


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SHEILA: Times have changed Our kids are getting worse They won't obey the parents They just want to fart and curse! SHARON: Should we blame the government? LIANE: Or blame society? STUART/GERALD/RANDY: Or should we blame the images on TV? SHEILA: No,

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歌名:只有你 歌手:pchy 专辑:爱在暹罗 歌词制作:夏洛克 ya zi kao kun ti lu zai ku zai sing di di ti hei ma ya zi kao kun ti sang ya wu zai wei mv when hang he ge kun nin kong ti lei wan wei la mo gen lan zui gao de zai kang ti ke zai blu ge ti zai gla gla ben be ba pa ku w

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[ti:30 Century Man] [ar:Scott Walker] [al:Scott Walker - The Collection ] [offset:0] [00:00.22]30 Century Man - Scott Walker [00:02.02]. [00:06.24]See the Dwarfs an' see the Giants [00:10.80]which one would you choose to be [00:13.86]. [00:17.29]And