AudioMachine Blood and Glory歌词

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  • 专辑:The Platinum Series II: Gladiators & Monsters
  • 歌手:AudioMachine
  • 歌曲:Blood and Glory

AudioMachine Blood and Glory歌词


Radical Face Glory歌词

05/05 02:55
I was born when they took my name When the world turned wicked, when I joined their game But I turned and fought them Like you always knew I'd do I sat and dreamed at the foot of your bed You split my skull and reached inside my head And pulled out t

Jason Allen Rich Lamb Of Glory歌词

07/30 07:45
[ti:Lamb Of Glory] [ar:Jason Allen Rich] [al:A Beautiful Life] [00:01.12]Jason Allen Rich - Lamb Of Glory [00:07.89] [01:30.58][00:14.98] [01:32.93][00:16.33]Hear the story from God's word [01:36.01][00:19.37]That kings and priests and prophets heard

Vicky Beeching Great Is Your Glory歌词

09/16 00:05
God came down and gave his life for me Amen, Amen through flesh and blood he fought for victory Amen, Amen Crucified brought back to life Amen, Amen Seated at the Father's hand again Amen, Amen (Chorus) Great is the glory of the Lord Almighty Great i

Jon Bon Jovi Blaze of Glory歌词

08/06 12:44
I wake up in the morning 我在早晨醒来 And I raise my weary head 抬起我疲倦的头 I've got an old coat for a pillow 我用旧外套当枕头 And the earth was last night's bed 而大地就是我昨晚睡觉的床 I don't know where I'm going 我不知道我要去向何方 Only God knows where I've been 只有上帝知道我身在何处 I'm a devi

Third Day King of Glory歌词

08/23 13:20
[ti:]King of Glory [ar:]Third Day [al:]Third Day [00:01.11]King of Glory [00:04.50]歌词:以马内利,荣耀归于神 [00:07.47]来自XF_Paul爱主的小羊! [00:10.78]Who is this King of Glory [00:15.57]that persues me with his love [00:21.11]And haunts me with each hearing [00:26.19

Hollywood Undead Glory歌词

03/23 10:31
[J3T:] Welcome to the world you see An AK with a couple magazines Whose blood is this? don't matter to me Scatter the ashes over the seven seas That sickness, that feeling inside you That's weakness, don't let it divide you Keep this, that feeling of

Majesty Anthem of Glory歌词

11/27 22:11
Burning fire in the sky The clouds are red when the eagles fly My heart is filled with pride, is filled with glory I feel the magic of the storm I'm marching on until the dawn A golden future lies ahead before me Holy truth I'm born to bare With my f

Dragonhammer Age of Glory歌词

03/31 04:12
Lost in time, over the line This is the age of glory Your life for my life Dying in the night You want my energy Agony When you are falling down Broken swords Can you feel my temptations? Look at my eyes My spirit flies in the sky The word of the bla

Laura Gibson Glory歌词

02/27 10:58
[ti:Glory] [ar:radical face] [al:《ghost》] [00:00.95]= Glory - radical face [00:04.88]= Lrc Edited:Joyce [00:08.54] [00:12.95] [01:40.59]I was born when they took my name [01:44.84]When the world turned wicked [01:47.41]when I joined their game [0