Cady Groves Real With Me歌词

I'll never catch a shooting star
or call ya out on who ya really are
i know im not the one you wanna win
it's a losin game
so i'm losin it

and i'm surprised we got this far
with that barricade but i want more
i would be a fool to let you let me quit

and maybe you should just say somethin
you havent rehearsed-but that leaves nothin
along with me-you've neglected the urge to be real
real with me,
if i'd ask for one thing
just say i love you
but i know you wont blink
truth wont pass your lips-i know
stop pretending

i'm not susprised i let you in this far so it's
it's safe to say that i still adore you
i'm not the one who started this
and i wont back down
so keep pushin it
and on the day that you came undone
that day was the last day that i felt home
so i would be a fool to let you let me quit


And it was never about what you were not
but i dont know how much longer i can hold on
hooooold onnnn


  • 专辑:The Life of a Pirate
  • 歌手:Cady Groves
  • 歌曲:Real With Me

Cady Groves Real With Me歌词


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