Da Brat What'chu Like歌词

[Da Brat](Tyrese)
Oh, look out
Oh uh, come on
What'chu like, a whole lot of, whut?
(Tyrese yeah)
What'chu like, me on a, whut?
(What'cha like, what'cha like?)
What'chu like? (Can you tell me, baby)
Why? How? All night long
(All night long)

[Da Brat]
I like 'em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian with
Good conversation plenty big faces
It's a must I stay luxurious
Jewelry cut precision like I bust
Been winnin' since Funkdafied blew up
It's evident, shit I can't be touched
Niggas say I'm too much, I trust it's true
Why lie? See for yourself when I slide through
Drive by, your bitch say don't look, you do
Shine so bright in the wet U2
You wish boo boo could ride with you tonight
Ain't nothing in the world that Brat can't do
She attractive to them, him, her, and you shit
Frostbit, December Unrestricted
Drop dead, the cost is priceless
Due to the content I suggest you'll like this

1 - [Tyrese]
What do you like?
A whole lot of foreplay
Right before you get it started
What do you like?
Me on top
You on the bottom, tight body
What do you like?
Somebody that can make you say
Wow, know how to all night long
All night long, tell me

[Da Brat]
Whassup? The setting, a hot-ass club
And you still be sweating me
I don't see nothing wrong with giving a little love
But nigga just let me breathe
Damn, you cute as hell so let's switch the digits
Then I got to leave
And you can buy me a couple of drinks
But I'mma go socialize and smoke my weed
And I like it when you keep your eyes on me
And I like it when you touch my privacy
And I like it sex and ecstasy
When the belt buckle loosen up, undress me
Already juiced up, that come naturally
Wax on and off so romantically
No woman can slow dance or throw down like I can
Ask if you curious to know what I like, man

Repeat 1

[Da Brat]
Let me tell you something
Well I start at the top of the list
With my pretty eyes, a cute nose and these fat ass lips
My medallion sit in the middle of my tits
It's hit after hit, shit sweet every sip
Down to the last drip drop, watch the hips rock
Color Me Bad, tick tock you don't stop
'Till the thick thighs, dick rise when I skip by
I ain't surprised I'm what'chu like nigga

Repeat 1 until fade

  • 专辑:Unrestricted
  • 歌手:Da Brat
  • 歌曲:What'chu Like

Da Brat What'chu Like歌词


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