BENI クリスマス・イブ歌词

All alone I watch the quiet rain
Wonder if it’s gonna snow again
Silent night, Holy night
I was praying
you’d be here with me
But Christmas Eve ain’t
what it used to be
Silent night, Holy night
If you were beside me
Then I could hear angels
And I’d give you rainbows,
for Christmas
Somewhere far away
the sleighbells ring
I remember
when we used to sing
Silent night, Holy night
I keep you inside me
Oh the truth is unspoken,
So my heart won’t be broken,
on Christmas
They lit the trees
along the avenue
Twinkling silver with a touch of blue
Silent night, Holy night

  • 专辑:COVERS:2
  • 歌手:BENI
  • 歌曲:クリスマス・イブ

BENI クリスマス・イブ歌词


Niyaz Beni Beni歌词

09/20 03:07
Based on an 18th century Turkish folk song. bab-i ihsanindan mürüvvet eyle mürüvvet eyle From your Door of Benevolence, cast your generosity upon me karistirma her bir esyaya beni Don't let me mix into the world of matters bakma isyanima merhamet eyl

BENI いとしのエリー歌词

03/17 12:55
There were times I left your heart in pain Time again I've turned and walked away I'd get to where I'm going just to find Won't be happy in this world if you're not by my side Ellie, my love so sweet My heart told me to break away Now I'm out here fa

BENI さつきあめ歌词

08/08 16:27
ひとつの傘に ふたりは肩を寄せて 歩いていく この先に 幸せは見えなかった 私が探してたもの. 見つける程 不安になって 気づいた あなたの温もりと 柔らかい雨音 五月雨が はらはら 流れて落ちる 優しい涙 なぜだか こみ上げて来る 抱きしめてて ねぇ私 忘れないよ あなたと歩くこと誓った日 雨のせいじゃない 振り返る過去が今 霞んで見えるのは 未来が始まったせい あなたが傍にいるなら 何も恐れはしないでしょう 真夏も真冬の下でも この手を離さない 五月雨が 降る空は 何も答えず 見守るから は

BENI チェリー歌词

03/16 14:57
You know you're always on my mind I've been going around and round this winding road Watch the sun come up it's a brand new day On this road that only leads me back to you We shared so much along the way Though I know we can't go back there again Wit

BENI 小さな恋のうた歌词

05/04 05:33
All around the universe, out among the countless stars Right here on planet earth, in this giant world of ours Distance keeps us apart, but I believe this'll travel To your tiny little town where the ocean never ends Reminisce the day we met, everyth

BENI kiss kiss kiss歌词

12/27 03:36
Kiss Kiss Kiss- なんとなく氣付き始めてた 存在 大きくなってた 病める日も 健やかなる時も 何時だって 側にいてくれたね 戀をして 粉々になって 私眠るまで You stayed as a friend 優しすぎる.だから 壞せなくなって 2人の關係 ホントは君だから わがままも言えたんだ--- Wanna thank you Baby 夢の中 kiss kiss kiss 會いたい 赤裸々に Miss Miss you こんなに 氣付いてる? でもまだ言えない 私おびえてる 目

BENI stardust歌词

01/09 22:06
stardust」 作詞∶Shoko Fujibayash 作曲∶Daisuke "D.I" Imai 歌∶BENI 目を閉じてそっと- I'm ready 星空へ飛ぶの- oh baby 舞い上がる月のspot light浴びて このまま二人でlet's ride夜明けまで イメージの扉を 開くhot kiss 何度でもあげるよ 不可能を忘れて 退屈がキライなら let's get together 連れてってあげる fly up to the sky see the stardus

BENI Lovers Again歌词

02/22 14:08
Winter's first snowfall walking through the crowd so blue From the corner of my eye see a face that I once knew Turn to look and see as I'm calling out your name but it's not you Oh it's been so long Count the days since you've gone I'm here inside t


09/18 02:53
I love you I don't wanna hear a sad song tonight amidst the stormy weather I love you We have run away together in the night, coming to life It's not like we were handed everything on a silver platter Nothing but stray cats cold in the dark, Searchin