Gerald Albright Change the World歌词


[00:14.16]I’m finding it hard,hard to take mistakes we have made.
[00:26.15]Ignoring the ones that we hold dear are the selfishness.
[00:37.26]All these things distract our eyes and still on tight
[00:49.80]Why,do u keep finding,saying everything’s alright?
[01:02.11]We all see the same things
[01:07.79]Why can’t we stand side by side?
[01:13.73]If we love eachother we can change the world
[01:34.40]How learning to sake the smaller steps and making away
[01:46.23]Can u take anymore?
[01:53.78]Can u stand by while all were pressures done?
[01:58.32]Be the spark for sake of the pride and set things right
[02:10.33]Why,do u keep finding,saying everything’s alright?
[02:22.52]We all see the same things
[02:27.18]Why can’t we stand side by side?
[02:34.77]If we love eachother we can change the world

  • 专辑:Groovology
  • 歌手:Gerald Albright
  • 歌曲:Change the World

Gerald Albright Change the World歌词


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Feel much like romancing How'd you like to wine and dine I'd like to take you dancin' Candle lights and dinner (We'll both relax) We'll dance to sweet music How about some Marvin Gaye Feel like some sexual healing Just relax and let me do, let me do

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午後(ごご)の陽(ひ)が差(さ)すドレッサ(dresser) 頬(ほほ)のそばかすが気(き)になり出(だ)した 「あと10分(じゅっぷん)眠(ねむ)らせて」 彼(かれ)は疲(つか)れてベッド(bed)の中(なか) 彼女(かのじょ)と私(わたし)の狭間(はざま)で あなたはいつも窒息(ちっそく)しそう この頃(ころ)ふと考(かんが)えるの 白紙(はくし)に戻(もど)そうかって 意地悪(いじわる)に Tell you 彼女(かのじょ)の事(こと)なじったら きっと嫌(きら)いになるわ たぶん私(わた

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If I could reach the stars Pull one down for you Shine it on my heart So you could see the truth That this love I have inside Is everything it seems But for now I find It's only in my dreams If I can change the world I would be the sunlight in your u

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lloyd - i can change your life lrc by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang @ @ i know what your used to and i can show you something that's better (see girl i know) he used to abuse you he only used to get on my level i can change your life if you let me i ca

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Tears fill up my eyes, I'm washed away with sorrow And somewhere in my mind, I know there's no tomorrow I see you're leaving soon, I guess you've had you fill But if I can't change you're mind, then no one will And all throughout the years I've never

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Girl don't say a thing Lie here next to me Underneath the moonlight I know it's getting late Let the music play It's okay to stay the night How about we give this One more try Come on and let me hold you Come on you know you want to One more chance t

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刘浩龙 Change Your Life 作词:火火 作曲:Hong Jin-Young 编曲:Hong jinyoung 黑天空 这转角暗街中 长夜漫漫有个壮士跟影子细诉 他一世 奋斗却似失踪 落力地叫喊也是得不到信众 当好友 再战胜某个高峰 但是我永远在低洼的峡谷 心很痛 却怕背向初衷 为命运奋勇角力差点失了控 THAT IS LIFE 一生永远失败 THAT IS LIFE 留在地底的街 THAT IS LIFE 将底线再出卖 THAT IS LIFE 来换梦想梯楷 他知道 世界已当我失踪