Acappella Gotta Grow Up歌词

When I was a child I spoke as a child
But I put away childish things
Now I'll never forget and you'll prob'ly suspect
That we are the children of the King (yeah)
Now that I'm a man I do what I can
To find what my Father wants for me
I got to be humble and kind as He changes my mind
As we're growing in His family
I can't keep from movin' when I'm seein' His glory
I can't quench this fire that's in my soul
I can't quench this fire that he's put in my soul

You gotta grow up (grow up) get ready (get ready)
Feast upon the things that you know
Just because you're older
Doesn't mean you're growin' colder
Why not be bolder as you're followin' Him
You gotta grow up (grow up) be steady (be steady)
Don't be lost or tossed to and fro
And don't you lose that child-like trust in Him

When I'm on my own I feel so alone
Cause I'm leavin' Him far behind
If I push Him away, though He wants me to stay
He will not be forcing me in line (yeah)
But when I understand He has the best plan
And He's got it all planned for me
I will never regret if I only submit
To His providential sovereignty
I can't keep from movin' when I'm seein' His glory
I can't quench this fire...
I can't quench this fire that He's put in my soul

Repeat Chorus

No one can explain the trials and struggles I've been going through
Growing pains and heartaches flood my way
I always fail when I take charge of all the things I'm going through
Instead of hearing what He has to say

Repeat Chorus

  • 专辑:Act of God
  • 歌手:Acappella
  • 歌曲:Gotta Grow Up

Acappella Gotta Grow Up歌词


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