Daily Planet Hero歌词

[ar:Daily Planet]
[00:00.61]Hero - Daily Planet
[00:20.85]I bought the CD downloaded the mp3
[00:27.15]I even bought the import from the Japanese
[00:33.65]I read the bio to see what you're all about
[00:40.26]Let's put it this way folks this guy is no boy scout
[00:47.00]I'm missing the point
[00:52.43]What if I had a hero that I just could not believe in
[00:59.10]A self indulgent model of an egotistic human being
[01:05.78]Who boasts about his reckless life in every interview
[01:12.52]Yeah oh man I can't believe in you
[01:22.81]He plays the guitar so he gets his one night stands
[01:29.18]He's always being watched by his adoring fans
[01:35.60]A role model isn't what he ever asked to be
[01:42.09]With fame there comes this thing: responsibility
[01:48.92]I'm missing the point
[01:55.41]I guess I'm playing the game
[01:59.48]I guess that I'm the one to blame
[02:01.42]I put my faith in man
[02:03.29]Though he'll turn to dust
[02:07.85]I'll put my faith and all my trust
[02:11.52]In the One who made me

  • 专辑:Hero
  • 歌手:Daily Planet
  • 歌曲:Hero


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Verse 1: In the morning we arise and Start the day the same old way As yesterday the day before and All in all it's just a day like All the rest so do your best with Chewing gum and it is oh so Repetitious Waiting on the sun Verse 2: Down on Go-stop

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一个女子在年轻的时候由于父亲的安排嫁给了一个显贵的子弟,她开始担心自己的年龄有一天会成为感情悲剧的主因,她埋怨父亲错误的将自己嫁给了一个比她小很多的男子.婚后第二年,他们有了自己的孩子,而她的夫君却也还是一个孩子,在一天天的长大.她送他去上学,为他裹了蓝色的头巾,她怕别人抢走父亲为自己选定依存的真爱. 而命运的捉弄,却使她很快成了寡妇,在为爱人缝制寿衣的时候,她的悲哀成了整个曲子的灵魂- 没有太多电子和流行元素的介入,自然.淳朴.原始,是我喜欢的风格.这一首来自 altan的凯尔特元歌曲,便是这

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Hero-Hans Zimmer Hans Zimmer-汉斯·季默 著名的音乐家.电影配乐作曲家 1957年9月12日出生于德国法兰克福 被誉为"好莱坞大片配乐代言人" 擅长高节奏性.高戏剧张力的配乐 拥有非常多的电影乐迷 1995年以动画电影<狮子王> 获得奥斯卡最佳电影配乐奖 1995年以潜艇战争片<赤色风暴> 获得格莱美(GRAMMY)最佳电影配乐专辑奖 2010年12月8日 在好莱坞星光大道留下属于自己的星星 Hans Zimmer是崛起速度十分惊人的