Boards of Canada Dawn Chorus歌词

Dawn Chorus - Boards Of Canada
Under everything:
We're gonna get ya, we're gonna get ya
Marry me, marry me, marry me
But you may be dead, you may be dead
Mary, Mary, Mary

  • 专辑:Geogaddi
  • 歌手:Boards of Canada
  • 歌曲:Dawn Chorus

Boards of Canada Dawn Chorus歌词


Modern English Dawn Chorus歌词

08/18 09:58
When summer returns to its warm green fields The sun fading, pastel in the breeze The swallow swooping, migrating home The dawning days morning with a sigh Opening windows with a wounding cry The rainbow's lost its dreams of gold and everything slows

Boards of Canada Music Is Math歌词

02/19 20:21
The past inside the present Yellow ball Yellow ball Yellow ball The past inside the present Yellow ball Yellow ball Yellow ball Be careful 专辑:Geogaddi 歌手:Boards of Canada 歌曲:Music Is Math

Boards of Canada An Eagle in Your Mind歌词

09/19 01:07
An Eagle In Your Mind - Boards Of Canada Holts are nearly always close to the sea, Fallen boulders, old ruins, and cliffs, All at the top of a sand crevice, High above the sea: A safe place for cubs. We wait... tense. We're disappointed. She leaves h

Boards of Canada Alpha and Omega歌词

12/27 20:39
Alpha And Omega - Boards Of Canada (Haha!) Alpha and omega Yellow (backwards) I'm a God-darned Satanist, and if I wanted, I'd be in this business too 专辑:Geogaddi 歌手:Boards of Canada 歌曲:Alpha and Omega

Before the Dawn Deathstar歌词

07/03 13:42
Behold, the rearrangement of the skyline Dead cold horizon, no flames rising Witness, the disappearance of the dawn Like rays of light Have died ... Chorus One by one in pitch black sky No stars to reflect the sun After all light became undone Darkne

Amberian Dawn Incubus歌词

11/29 04:18
"It's not a dream and it's not your imagination." I'm lying in my bedroom restless at nights And feeling someone's lying next to my side I hear a heavy breathing - someone's next to me And watching me Sweet dreams now come to me Your flesh is we

Tony Orlando & Dawn Candida歌词

05/01 14:31
The stars won't come out If they know that you're about Cause they couldn't match the glow of your eyes And, oh, who am I? Just an ordinary guy Trying hard to win me first prize Oh my Candida We could make it together The further from here girl the b

Amberian Dawn Sunrise歌词

06/20 20:00
Wind is blowing through my wounded soul Darkness shades me as I'm longing and yearning Darkness surrounds me swallowing me into endless night [Refrain:] Watching the moonlight Waiting for sunrise To bring the light into night! Like a white rider Ridi

Angel Note Dear My Precious full chorus歌词

07/13 18:55
ありがとう ありがとう どんな君でも かけがえない僕の宝物 「可愛げのないヤツだ」なんて 口では言ったりするけど 不器用だって一生懸命なところ 僕は誰より見てきた 僕たちだけが知っている 秘密の思い出 胸の奧に鍵かけたまま ずっと守っていたんだ 大切な大切な僕だけの君 これからもずっと一緒にいよう ありがとう ありがとう どんな君でも かけがえない僕の宝物 時には近すぎるからこそ 見えなくなることもある 本当は甘えてるからこそ 見せられる素顏もある 夕焼け空き地の隅っこで 約束したよね 「ずっと