Akinyele Ak Ha Ha歌词

It's the ak ha ha, the ak hoo hoo (Akineyle)

Verse One:

Yo, y'all know what's about to happen
When I proceed to give you what you need and the Ak start rappin
I throw rhymes like children throwin balls on project bricks
In other words I be kickin that old off the wall s**t
I don't rehearse they don't come better than
I don't need light, 'cause I'm a late night person like David Letterman
You know the whole repoitoire not far from a star
Baby Pah, the Ak can shine like Armorall


Verse Two:

Akineyle, producing more stunning hits
So call me Ex-Lax, 'cause I'm about ready to start runnin s**t
Toss and turnin ya, watch Ak burnin ya
You can't hold your own you f**k around and catch a hernia
So don't sleep, nor yet drowsing
My name itself bring more Heartbeats than Robert Townsend
I hurdle over rappers like a stallion
Carry it back with more Fame than Debbie Allen, n***a


Verse Three:

My lyrics'll reign real bright so dim the lights and it won't get duller
It doesn't take Rosie Perez to see my living color
I rain over heads just like an umbrella
So strong that baby's boosted and I'm fuller
History in the making, never one for backspins
Throw and kneel, but you're still, mc's I be breakin
Ak sanitation
I leave skid marks on the concrete streets
From all the brothers that I be scrapin


Verse Four:

Permanent scars as I sabotage
My style's so milky I should get down with Haagen-Daaz
More heatwave than a do rag does to a caesar
Give a thermometer a temperature of jungle fever
George like wheezy
'cause I be burnin brothers just like, the neighborhood skeezer
Once the hip-hop strangeler
I throw your whole rap on a coat rack kid and just hang it up


Verse Five:

So step to the ak-Er, the hip-Hopper
And get your a** kicked like a game of soccer
Skills are fatter than a grease spot
'cause I love to rock that nasty home-cooked hip-hop
I watch girls check it, I make b*****s wanna jump butt-naked
Like the Doo Doo Brown record
But now I peep on low and they have to stop
When they hear my name, the motherfuckin Ak

  • 专辑:Vagina Diner
  • 歌手:Akinyele
  • 歌曲:Ak Ha Ha

Akinyele Ak Ha Ha歌词


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