Various Artists Shooting Star歌词


No one seems to think too much of me here
and they're glad to tell it to my face
And though I am not suppose to be here
I'm completely out of place
Somehow there has got to be a reason
even as I try to think it through
There's a bold from the blue

And I see a shooting star (And I see a star)
Set apart from all the rest
While the other stars are standing still (ooh)
He's on a quest
Every night this shooting star (Every night this star)
Dancing across the twilight sky
Cause he knows he doesn't quit fit in (ooh)
and he's longing to know why, why (longing to know why)

I feel so much better when it's night-time
That's when I can sort of disappear
When the sun is set and it's the right time
for pretending I'm not here
Sometimes I just star into the heavens
Wondering if the answer is inside
That's when I see the light

Of my sent that shooting star
On his way to who know's where (On his way to who know's where)
He's a one like all the stars (ooh)
But he outshines out there (shines out there)
And the solitary star (solitary star)
Is an awful lot like me (ooh)
On an endless search through time and space
Far a place that won't seem wrong (place that won't seem wrong)

If we both hang on for long enough
we both somehow are strong enough
We'll find out were we belong

Every night this shooting star (every night this star)
dancing across the twilight sky
Cause he knows he doesn't quit fit in (ooh)
and he's longing to know why (why)
Know why (why)
Why (why)
Why (why)
Know why (why) (to fade)

  • 专辑:Disney Magic
  • 歌手:Various Artists
  • 歌曲:Shooting Star

Various Artists Shooting Star歌词


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11/25 11:29
渦巻いた 心の雲が いつまでも傷を隠す 純粋なほど 真っ直ぐなほど 立ち止まってしまう 空見上げ 黙ったままの 君の瞳(め)が凍えそうで 舞い落ちてくる 降り積もっていく 気持ち震えている 永久(とわ)に散りばめられた 幾千もの輝き 今 解き放て-! 嗚呼 例えこの手が離れたって 運命の星が強く結びつけている そう 沢山の流れてく愛が 二人に降り注ぎますように- ふと過(よ)ぎる あの日の言葉 形だけ探し求めて 潤(うるお)してゆく 満たされてゆく 心が揺れている 永遠(とわ)に重なりあった 幾

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Johnny was a schoolboy When he heard his first Beatles song Love me do, I think it was And from then it didn't take him long Got himself a guitar Used to play every night Now he's in a rock n' roll outfit And everything's alright, don't you know? Joh