Shadows Fall Forevermore歌词

The threads of life start to tear.
Hang above the pit of our despair.
Seems the end is growing near.
The life you knew will disappear. Every human life will overlap and interwine.
Create the fabric and the destiny of all mankind.
START THE FIRES TILL THEY SURROUND. They start the fires burning until they surround.
Is there nothing left. Worth fighting for?
Forever more. Beneath the waterline. Sinking further down.
I dwell in silence now.
Awake and face the truth of all that you have lost.
A tongue tied explanation raining down from scattered thoughts.
START THE FIRE TILL THEY SURROUND. They reinforce their doubts until they draw blood.
Forever more. Beneath the waterline. Sinking further down. I dwell in silence now.
Forever More. I will leave this world behind.
Finally I drown.
I dwell in Silence now.

  • 专辑:Threads of Life
  • 歌手:Shadows Fall
  • 歌曲:Forevermore

Shadows Fall Forevermore歌词


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