Kylie Minogue Disco Down歌词

Written by Johnny Douglas

I've been thinking reminiscing
Bout the days when we were wishing
We could fly and touch the sky
Laughing meeting under cover
Running hiding from your mother
If we tried we could do anything
And when the DJ came to town
People came from all around

Baby I still recall those things
And ooh I'm missing you now
I'm missing you now
And you turned my world around
When you burned this disco down
Why'd you leave to find yourself
I can't dance with no-one else
And still there's memories of this town
When you burned this disco down

It's been ten years now this Sunday
Since you left or was it Monday
Time can fly when you're still in love
And now I boogie in my dreams
To le Freak or Dancing Queen

And oh now the dance has died for sure
Since your love aint here no more
Still I wonder where you are
I'll always wonder where you are

  • 专辑:Light Years
  • 歌手:Kylie Minogue
  • 歌曲:Disco Down

Kylie Minogue Disco Down歌词


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