Soundtrack Red Moon歌词

The red moon is rising behind you猩红的月亮自你身后升起,
The ocean is pounding away海浪排击轰鸣,
I held up a light to the smoke我点燃了手中的香烟,
But the wind blows, blows it away但是风把它吹熄。

And the night is cold夜晚这样寒冷,
And the clouds go by云霭迅速穿行,
Tomorrow morning明天早上,
I hope to be home by your side我希望与你一起,回到家中。

The riptide is pulling me under激流将我吞噬,
I’m drifting, drifting away让我漂流,
Tomorrow the sun will be brighter明天的太阳也许会变得明亮些,
The water will rise and wash us away水会上涨,将我们洗涤。

The stars are cold星光冰冷,
And the air is bright空气明亮,
And I see you now现在我看到了你,
And you shine like the steel on my knife你闪烁得像是我的金属刀刃,
The darkness is wrapped all around me tonight今晚黑暗将我笼罩。

I miss you我想念你
I miss you我想念你
There’s no one else再没有别的什么人在我身边,
I do的确如此,
I do的确如此……

  • 专辑:Breaking Bad (Music from the Original Television Series)
  • 歌手:Soundtrack
  • 歌曲:Red Moon

Soundtrack Red Moon歌词


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Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Coffee And Cigarettes (Music from the Motion Picture) 歌手:Soundtrack 歌曲:Hanalei Moon

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Blue Moon-Conal Fowkes 专辑介绍: 原声带=电影.电视原声音乐合辑! 特殊歌手-无具体身份--不限区域. Soundtrack特指欧美电影原声带. 部分包含泰语等原声带. 纽约的名媛茉莉和她富商丈夫之间的婚姻亮起了红灯, 眼见爱情面和经济面都濒临重大危机, 茉莉决定搬到旧金山,住进妹妹金洁的一般公寓, 重新开始过一个和以前大大不同的生活. 然而,其实也非恋爱高手的茉莉老爱帮金洁的感情出主意, 导致一团乱.就在此时, 茉莉邂逅了一名英俊的外交官,并爱上了他. 只不过这个男人正