Overkill Hammerhead歌词

Feeling the pain as it rips through my brain
Twisting whats left of my mind.
Tearing the same, this blood burning flame
Decaying all it can find.
Banging your head, stuck in the dread,
Leaving the posers behind.
Powers you see, the power you need
Nerves and bones we grind.

Hammer! Hammerhead.
Hammer! Hammerhead.

Knocked to the floor, left wanting more.
Scars decorate your face...
Playing the game, your never the same
The heat is melting this place
Emotion and fire!!, you never tire
Running a death metal race...
Kinfe in te back, guitar heart attack
Murder, rest my case.

Hammer! Hammerhead
Hammer! Hammerhead

No one can stop, our way to the top!
No one can get in the way
Necksnapping force, taking its course.
Keeping the dogs at bay.
Nailed to the wall, giving your all
We know that you ain't dead.
We know your name, know why you came
Your a fucking hammerhead.

Hammer! Hammerhead.
Hammer! Hammerhead!
Hammer! Hammerhead!...
Hammer! Hammer!

  • 专辑:Feel the Fire
  • 歌手:Overkill
  • 歌曲:Hammerhead

Overkill Hammerhead歌词


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