Great White Step on You歌词

Brown skinned woman's been trading rough
Scars across her thigh
Tell me little honey
Ain't you afraid to die

All night long I give it up
I give it to her good
She likes to be a servant
To the kings of Hollywood

Her fascination
Ride the wild side
She's so bad
Wild soul

Your explanation
Isn't gonna change my mind
Try to understand the things that you do
But this game is nearly outta time

You think that this is lovin'
But baby you're just runnin'
Always up to somethin'
Girl you got it comin'
Tell you what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna step on you

Hey, hey, hey
Now here it goes
Right between the eyes
Let this be a lesson
A caution to the wise

Shake, shake, shake
Yeah shake that thing
The devil he don't know
He's about to get a woman
Who'll make his bones feel old

Sweetest temptation
Oh yeah your wild side
So bad
Wild soul

A moment's hesitation
Is a waste of time
You gotta head rush baby
From all the ties that bind

Baby this ain't lovin'
Nowhere left for runnin'
Ain't no more discussin'
Can ya see it comin'
Tell ya what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna step on you

  • 专辑:Psycho City
  • 歌手:Great White
  • 歌曲:Step on You

Great White Step on You歌词


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