Maximilian Hecker The Days Are Long and Filled With Pain歌词

The days are long and filled with pain
We'll throw our lives away again
I've never seen in my whole life
My worst friend's sugar baby wife

Now my life is gone
Won't you try to hold me tight?
'Cause you'll be me and I'll be out
What will I find inside my head?

The sun is gone

But there's still light down inside my mind
There's still a lot for us to see in this life
Today you slipped into my head
I'm waiting for you inside my bed
There ain't no sense in feeling low
I need more when you ever have to go

Some might say that I walked through that door
All my dreams are made of stupid whores
Some might say that I fell from the sky
But I have got a pillow in my eye

  • 专辑:Infinite Love Songs
  • 歌手:Maximilian Hecker
  • 歌曲:The Days Are Long and Filled With Pain

Maximilian Hecker The Days Are Long and Filled With Pain歌词


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