Matt Cab Earthquake歌词

She got me goin crazy
Thinkin about the things we used to be
All the things she meant to me
How she said she'd never leave
Don't know how it happened
But it seemed like it was yesterday
When everything I did made you smile
And now I don't know left from right
You turned my whole world upside down
So won't you come save me now?
So won't you come save me?
It's like an earthquake
Shaking up the way I loved you
Wanna come to your rescue
But I'm no longer loved
I said I'm no longer loved
I wish I could question why
To the days when you were mine, yeah
I'd throw back the hands of time
And everything would just be fine, yeah
But everything's so messed up now
How'd it get so complicated?
We were like a work of art
But girl somehow it faded
It's all crashing down like an earthquake
It's all crashing down like an earthquake
It's all crashing down like an earthquake
Like an earthquake, So won't you come save me?

  • 专辑:The One
  • 歌手:Matt Cab
  • 歌曲:Earthquake

Matt Cab Earthquake歌词


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