Termanology Watch How It Go Down歌词

I see myself as the holy resurrection of Pun
If I ain't that then you name one
Rapper that's lyrical slash Latin political passed rappin
With visuals past Malcolm and fittin to go past platinum
It's hard but I speak the truth inspired to teach the youth
The fire that heat the booth the high hat the beat the loop
The system it traps us in they tacklin rappers in
These shackles that pack us in the back of the clack is in
I'm packin the Mac again like Capital Punishment
Huggin the gun and then runnin and duckin from the government
They dyin to cuff me up lock me down touch me up
Cock the pound bust me up stop my sound hush me up
But I shall never hold my tongue
Before that I roll my blunt and load my gun
Give a kiss to my daughter tell my mother I love her
And blow the brains out a couple dirty cops undercover
Crooked detectives is foul how they book and arrest us
For cookin and stretchin we just tryna feed our kids
The streets crazy wild plus it gettin crazy foul
Listen when I say it now (watch it how it go down)
And that's the reason little kids get hit by strays
Cause muthafuckas can't act they age
Before you learn how to shoot better learn how to aim
Theirs already enough of our people that's dyin from AIDS
I try and remain calm but it's fryin my brain
And I am ashamed a generation dyin with chains
Alive on the pavement leakin out the side of they brains
Tell me when will this environment change
We need new leaders but all we get is new heaters
And divas and two-seaters as soon as that loot see us
It's a bad cycle just look how they bagged Micheal
Which one anyone Jordan Jackson
Action pack guns ridiculous
How they ship to us then we hit the bus
From Rykers to Middleton life as a middleman
Spendin life illegitimate livin life in imprisonment
When I think of my niggaz and I think
How many are locked I see they never did (watch how it go down)
And that's the reason little kids get shot in the street
Cause muthafuckas never (watch how it go down)
And last week my buddy lost his whole family
It's gonna take the man in me to conquer this insanity
I walk the town strapped just hopin to pound clap
Correctly and protect me in case they wanna come and wet me
My enemies on the street far see my friends
So when you see me you don't see no Benz
That just make me an easy target I jump up and meet the coffin
And makin my seed an orphan in car then I'm speedin often
It's stolen I see the Narcs in my vision
I see the cops and they grippin they pistols tryna put me in prison
So I listen to Pac's best and try to be not stressed
But how can I not stress the face that I'm not rich
I'm livin in poverty plus I'm a minority
Plus I'm a priority fucked in this economy
Rap music is probably not the best career you can choose
But hearin my views like hearin the news
So fear me if you skepticize homie but it's clearly the truth
The Tech Nine'll have you clearin the room
I ain't a killer but I'm somethin like a prophet
I'm tryna get y'all to stop it see the ghetto's microscopic
It's a better place but for now we got the bread to chase
Catch a case get bailed out back to stretchin base
I'm bringin a message like Kanye West
Except your boy got more Tech's than Ron Artest
I know you wanna see me stretch be my guest
Handle your biz but make sure you (watch how it go down)
The streets crazy foul plus it gettin crazy wild
Listen when I say it now (watch how it go down)

  • 专辑:Politics as Usual
  • 歌手:Termanology
  • 歌曲:Watch How It Go Down

Termanology Watch How It Go Down歌词


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