Gabrielle Aplin Salvation歌词

You are the avalanche /你就像是雪崩一般
One world away /在另一個世界裡
My make believing /宛若我全然清醒之時
While I'm wide awake /那揮之不去的幻想

Just a trick of light /只是一點點閃爍的光影
To bring me back around again /就能將我送回現實
Those wild eyes /那癡迷的雙眼裡
A psychedelic silhouette /只有片片幻夢一般的剪影

I never meant to fall for you but I /我從未想過會淪陷於你 但...我
Was buried underneath and /我早已身陷其中
All that I could see was white /眼前一片茫然...
My salvation /而你就是我的救贖
My, my /我的,救贖....
My salvation /你就是我的救贖
My, my /我的,救贖....

You are the snowstorm /你就像一場狂風暴雪
I'm purified /使我純淨無瑕
The darkest fairytale /宛如在深深午夜裡
In the dead of night /那最真實不過的童話故事

Let the band play out /就讓樂隊繼續演奏下去吧
As I'm making my way home again /因我會再次踏上歸鄉的旅程
Glorious we transcend /我們早已超越過往那段美好
Into a psychedelic silhouette /光影中的輪廓,如夢似幻

I never meant to fall for you but I /我從未想過會淪陷於你 但...我
Was buried underneath and /早已身陷其中
All that I could see was white /眼前一片茫然...

My salvation /而你就是我的救贖
My, my.... /我的,救贖....

  • 专辑:English Rain
  • 歌手:Gabrielle Aplin
  • 歌曲:Salvation

Gabrielle Aplin Salvation歌词


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