Television Prove It歌词

The docks
the clocks
a whisper woke him up
the smell of water would resume.
the cave
the waves
of light the unreal night.
Prove It...Just the facts...
The confdenitial
This case This case , This case That I...
I've been workin' on so long...
first you creep
then you leap
up about a hundred feet
yet you're in so deep
you could write the Book.
the birds
they're giving you the words
The world is just a feeling
you undertook.

Now the rose
it slows
you in such colorless clothes
Fantastic! You lose your sense of human.
It's warm and it's calm and it's perfect
It's too "too too"
to put a finger on
This case is closed.

  • 专辑:Marquee Moon
  • 歌手:Television
  • 歌曲:Prove It

Television Prove It歌词


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