Adie If I'll Ever歌词

I feel much stronger now I know you
Your beauty pierces my heart
And I get it
Your love is so much deeper
And bolder than the purest dark

And if I’m stronger
It’s cos the fear is over
You’ve taken all my shame

And I don’t know if I’ll ever fathom
What it took to give it all away
And I don’t know if I’ll ever know
All the debt I’ll never have to pay

You take the coldest part of my heart
And turn it to overflowing joy
And I get it
All I need is in you
And this beauty is what you have restored

And if I’m stronger
It’s cos the fear is over
Your love has paved the way

You gave your life in place of
What I should have paid my debt for
How could I have ever lived without you

  • 专辑:Don't Wait
  • 歌手:Adie
  • 歌曲:If I'll Ever

Adie If I'll Ever歌词


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[ti:Broke] [ar:Natalia Kills] [al:Perfectionist] [00:00.00]Natalia Kills - Broke [00:01.50] [00:13.84]Don't want you're money no dirty promise [00:19.42]Don't want the memories that echo in my head [00:25.26]You left me stranded caught you red-handed