Patti Smith Trampin'歌词

I'm trampin', trampin' Try'n-a make heaven my home
I'm trampin trampin Try'n-a make heaven my home...

I've never been to heaven But I've been told
Try'n-a make heaven my home That the streets up there
Are paved with gold Try'n-a make heaven my home

I'm trampin trampin Try'n-a make heaven my home
I'm trampin trampin Try'n-a make heaven my home...

  • 专辑:Trampin'
  • 歌手:Patti Smith
  • 歌曲:Trampin'

Patti Smith Trampin'歌词


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The wall is high, the black barn The babe in my arms, in her swaddling clothes And I know soon that the sky will split And the planets will shift Balls of jade will drop and existence will stop Little sister, the sky is falling I don't mind, I don't