Funeral Mourning Drown In Solitude歌词

Drown in Solitude
Funeral Mourning

Cold, alone in a void
Blind but my eyes are open
Nothing felt, nothing heard
Drown in waters filled with silence

  • 专辑:Drown in Solitude
  • 歌手:Funeral Mourning
  • 歌曲:Drown In Solitude

Funeral Mourning Drown In Solitude歌词


Funeral Mourning Misery Cloaked Under Decayed Flesh歌词

06/01 08:53
Misery Cloaked Under Decayed Flesh Funeral Mourning Cloaking, demise Suffocate on life When will it end Like a disease with no cure Surrounded by debris, plague, torment Misery cloaked under decayed flesh Sink into the crypt Only to drown in my blood

Drown in Solitude Reaching the End歌词

03/05 02:16
Reaching the End Flies reach your rotten corpse showing that nothing last forever what will you have when everything comes to an end ? did your pain and suffering worth for something ? Uselessly its the struggle in opposition to those who manipulate

Funeral for a Friend Serpents In Solitude歌词

09/19 14:34
Question, nothing will come of it Replace, Destroy the parts that never seem to fit Cancer spreads through the nerve, through the tissue and we burn Infecting visuals giving nothing in return Resolutions, they never come The words come out, like vipe

Hélène A force de solitude歌词

01/21 11:06
A force de solitude 因为孤独 Tu attends que l'amour ou la haine 你期待着爱与恨的降临 Arrivent et te surprennent 期待它们带来给你奇遇 Mes tes jours et tes nuits Sont pareils Tous les mêmes, idem 但是你所有的白天和夜晚都是一样的平淡 Qu'est-ce qu'il pourrai t'arriver ? 明天在你身上也许会发生什么? A force de

丝袜小姐 Solitude歌词

07/21 05:16
禁不起最溫暖的擁抱 可不可以就讓我跌倒 不被原諒那兒也去不了 and I bleed, to breathe 酸楚的冬日陽光裡 活著的渴望連根拔起 拼不回我完整的身體 冰冷的激動就快要窒息 禁不起最溫暖的擁抱 可不可以就讓我跌倒 不被原諒那兒也去不了 and I bleed, to breathe, to breathe, to breathe 憋在胸口的情調 就在你的眉心跳躍燃燒 燃燒著而我就快要死掉 濕成一片漆黑待在那兒就好 禁不起最溫暖的擁抱 可不可以就讓我跌倒 不被原諒那兒也去不了 an

As in Rebekkamaria Oh Solitude歌词

06/18 16:30
Oh solitude, I salute! Scary nights and merry daylight Oh solitude, my interlude My sister moon sprite and brother so bright Oh solitude, I salute you! Grant my soul your altitude Oh solitude, I salute you You, you, you A house made of glass The sun

Funeral for a Friend History歌词

08/30 10:27
Funeral For A Friend - History Dear friends of this academy Oh Romeo is bleeding to death To see a friend bleed to death What for some kind of metaphor That I can't see So I'll drink until I see it This sky will make me sick So I'll give up on you I'

H.I.M The Funeral Of Hearts (Album Version)歌词

04/10 00:10
Love's the funeral of hearts 爱是心的葬礼 And an ode for cruelty 又是对残酷的歌颂 When angels cry blood 当天使哭出血 On flowers of evil in bloom 当邪恶的花盛开 The funeral of hearts 爱是心的葬礼 And a plea for mercy 又是宽容的请求 When love is a gun 当爱是一把抢 Separating me from you 把我从你身边夺走 S

Elysian Fields Drown Those Days歌词

01/26 10:23
Recall the scent How she lay The sediment Drown those days Drown those days Dig your hole Dig it fast To get to China Forget the past Forget the past Secrets bleed on the battlefield Bottom feeding Spit on the sun From her force field You can barely