Scout Niblett Fire Flies歌词

you're so sweet on the eye
you play your instrument so well
and I got so good at loving you boy
ohh ohh ohh ohh

you're so sweet on the eye
you play your instrument so well
and you're gonna charm the world
it's waiting for you

fire flies, come on
let me see you have sex

  • 专辑:I Am
  • 歌手:Scout Niblett
  • 歌曲:Fire Flies

Scout Niblett Fire Flies歌词


Scout Niblett Kiss歌词

03/25 04:36
A kiss could've killed me, If it were not for the rain. A kiss could've killed me, Baby, if it were not for rain. And I, had, a feeling it was coming on And I, felt it coming, For so long. If I'm to be the fool, Then so it be. This fool can die now.

Scout Niblett Nevada歌词

09/21 14:32
Put on that suit and lend me that costume Put on that suit get in my car If we set off now we'll be there by daybreak Fifteen hours and we'll be there Full fire moon as our guide I promised I would I promised I'd take you Here I am with my honor See

Scout Niblett It's All for You歌词

05/04 00:32
oh sweet lifer I tremble, but my course does not oh sweet lifer ripe with flesh and matter I tremble, but my course does not give me magic! give me music! give me love! give me truck! it's all for you 专辑:I Am 歌手:Scout Niblett 歌曲:It's All for You

Scout Niblett Lula歌词

04/28 00:14
Lula, lula, lula, lula, bye-bye Do you want the stars to play with? Or the moon to run away with? They'll come if you don't cry Lula, lula, lula, lula lula, bye-bye In your mommy's arms, you're sleeping And soon dawn will come creeping, lula Lula, lu

Scout Niblett So Much Love to Do歌词

12/30 23:36
My baby, all I know I could die from never letting go Her dreams have never felt nearer Ah, there's so much love to do That desire to make things better Even from your heartbreaker Your momma sings a pretty tune Gives it love and sends it to you Ah,

Scout Niblett River of No Return歌词

02/13 15:14
(lyrics by Lionel Newman) If you listen, you can hear it call, Wailaree! (Wailaree!) There is a river called the River of No Return Sometimes it's peaceful, and sometimes wild and free. Love is a traveler on the River of No Return. Swept on forever t

Scout Niblett What Can I Do?歌词

11/11 08:00
Baby, what can I do To make it right for you Baby, what can I do, what can I do To make it right for you I was doing all I could To numb it out It's taken all I've got To not just break down But I want to surrender I want the tears to come The sooner

Deftones Change (In the House of Flies)歌词

05/24 09:06
Deftones Change (In The House Of Flies) White Pony (2000) I've Watched You Change Into A Fly I Looked Away You Were On Fire I Watched A Change In You It's Like You Never Had Wings Now You Feel So Alive I've Watched You Change I Took You Home Set You

Sean Kingston Fire Burning歌词

09/03 22:40
Somebody call 911 Shawty fire burning on the dance floor Sean Kingston - Fire Burning(On The Dance Floor) Kingston Let's Go Hey, hey, hey Red One Hey Hey Shawty got that super thing Hotter than the sun of south in Spain Got me soon as I walked throug