Prima J Boom歌词

Prima J - Boom
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang

We L-I-K-E C-A-R-S
The cars that go boom boom (Prima J)
We like the cars the cars that go boom
We're Jessi and Nelle and we like the boom (Prima J)
We're Jessi and Nelle and we like the boom
Talk to me boy
T-tell me what you want
Walk with me baby
Show me what you got (Oh)
Do your rims shine bright on the side?
Will they make me bounce bounce when I ride?
Roll with me boy
Do you got enough gas?
Let me mess with you baby if you got an S-Class. (Oh)
Do you got enough room in the back? (Oh)
Navigation show you where my spot at.
Slide to the right.
Slide slide to the right.
Swerve to the left now swerve to the left.
Gas. Break.
Woah. Let me catch my breath.
Gotta have that bass bump.
I like it real loud (Bump bump bump bump)
Make the top drop down.
Ridin' low, grip the wheel real tight.
Please don't crash when I ride all night.
Wanna (make it lean)
Wanna (make it scream)
Wanna (make it rock)
Wanna (make it hot)
Don't skip that track.
Don't turn it down.
'Cause we're rollin' with the homies.
Nelle like it.
Jessi like it.
All my girls you know you like it.
Cali and Miami like that boom boom.
Atlanta like it.
New York like it.
Chicks in the Midwest they like it.
Yo mama and your granny like that boom boom.
The cars that go boom boom
We're Jessi and Nelle and we like the boom.
We like the boom.

  • 专辑:Prima J
  • 歌手:Prima J
  • 歌曲:Boom

Prima J Boom歌词

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