Air Cosmic Trip歌词

[ti:Cosmic Trip]
[al:Le voyage dans la lune]
[00:00.25]Cosmic Trip - Air(欧美)
[02:16.87]Welcome to the astronomical club
[02:25.75]The rocket shell is now ready to take off
[02:49.22]It's better not to know
[03:08.86]Dreams, gigantic stars
[03:17.06]Comets and meteors
[03:26.29]Enormous mushrooms
[03:34.30]Volcanic explosions
[03:47.21]All of you will be back home safely
[03:51.71]So join us with no fear
[03:56.42]On our fantastic trip to the moon

  • 专辑:Le voyage dans la lune
  • 歌手:Air
  • 歌曲:Cosmic Trip

Air Cosmic Trip歌词


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