Kate Miller-Heidke Your Friends Will Tell You Who You Are歌词

Batten down the hatches
lock up Grandma's ashes
Anything that smashes hide away

You-know-who is coming over
and if she isn't sober
There'll be hell to pay

But I will play the perfect host
and hope she won't go too far
Just by being in your life
Your friends will tell you who you are X 2 ah ah

This wine-tasting class is
Filled with silly arses
Trying to add some style to what they swill
And I know I'm no better
Fickle as a feather
We clink and then refill

But there's still time for me to change
Though I know as soon as I start
When you debut those brand new shoes
Your friends will tell you who you are X 2

Ah/One by one they scatter
Ashes over water
Ah/Just catch up each summer
Catch each other's colds and then goodbye

Can I have another drink?
I feel like another drink
No, don't wanna call it a night

I'll call it a disaster
Drink to dying laughter
But I won't go with no fight

You just smile, kiss me goodnight
Because you have a good heart
When you forget why you should be loved
Your friends will tell you who you are X 2

They will tell you who your friends will tell you who you are they'll tell you
They'll tell you who your friends will tell you who you are

  • 专辑:Nightflight
  • 歌手:Kate Miller-Heidke
  • 歌曲:Your Friends Will Tell You Who You Are

Kate Miller-Heidke Your Friends Will Tell You Who You Are歌词


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