Big Deal Swoon歌词

Always hungry, I've waited so long to feel your touch
You _____ me, ______ me,
do my bones show enough for your love?

Do what you want, I want you to
Thee only thing you have to do

So come and find me dizzy with the spell of our chemistry,
You are a diamond, that fits into my heart so easily
We have the system for the stars,
To keep us safe and warm

Do what you want, I want you to
Thee only thing you have to do
Follow the heart you know is true
Thee only thing, you have to do

Summers comin', soon
Oh summer's comin', soon
Oh summer's comin', soon
Oh summer's comin', soon

  • 专辑:Lights Out
  • 歌手:Big Deal
  • 歌曲:Swoon

Big Deal Swoon歌词


JYJ I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)歌词

09/03 04:44
IDS歌词:I want you in my plans babe yeah I want you in my plans babe woo 悄悄的向我靠近多一点 now now now 已经决定的scenario 悄悄的向我靠近多一点now now now 已经决定的scenario (对我)现在要抛弃你的心 (对我)离开我身边 (已沦陷)从我面前滚开 Fall in love Fall in love Fall in love 一直以来你都那么耀眼(耀眼) 我爱你 要从此束缚你 悄悄地向我靠

Celph Titled The Deal Maker歌词

03/30 10:50
The Landmine Lieutenant, in the muthafuckin' house We 'bout to do it like this... I hold the record for the most ignorant rhymes said That'll knock that cowboy hat off of Imus' head Catch me on the Food Network and watch me handle beef 2 letters: I'm

The Chemical Brothers Swoon歌词

09/13 08:56
Just remember to fall in love There's nothing else There's nothing else 专辑:Further 歌手:The Chemical Brothers 歌曲:Swoon

Vandaveer fistful of swoon歌词

05/22 19:59
the stench of sulfur climbing up the drain open up your chest your heart would smell the same you got a lot of nerve to find your old man's word mud on your boots you got lust in your veins the shriek of sirens singing out of tune a dozen black roses

Marié Digby Swoon歌词

09/26 01:01
Honey, I can't spell it out for you This is far beyond A miss-match of our personalities You insist that life should always be About saving and simplicity But what a bore that sounds to me And yet... oh... You keep on crawling back into my mind And..

Big Deal Chair歌词

09/09 23:47
You don't trust me to sit on your bed put me on the chair in the corner instead You don't trust me, you don't trust me at all Only want me for my lungs only want me for the songs I write about you About how I like you You don't trust me to sit on you

Big Deal Homework歌词

12/30 07:18
Can't do my homework, can't concentrate It's ruinin' my grades, I can't think straight Can't do my homework, it's all too late It's ruinin' my brain, I can't sleep We stay up way too late to pay our dues I told you Swollen eyes and tired tongues Wher

国蛋 Dope Rap Part3 (Big Deal)歌词

02/24 09:42
引人侧目 掩盖不住香味. 谁是我的客户, 每次交易之后将会 带你绕绕 帮你忘了方位, 闹闹 这城市大小派对, 那是天生 不是刚会. 那血液乾脆 费掉想过不止一次 飞到高度跟他们一致 酒精 代替麻醉药 从下午就开始迷失. 上等好货,进账都是钞票 看他们和自己对话 把叶子都烧掉. 从不犹豫把纸给卷起来 视野好的像前几排 烟雾弥漫吧所有兄弟 那场面当然包含女孩 一个一个进场趁著鼓还重的 让一个一个靠近舞台 不止奶子屁股 手举起来 当一个一个倒下就像骨牌 灵魂飞走 只剩骨骸 悲痛都蒸发 就像把土埋在某个

Lara Fabian No Big Deal歌词

12/24 11:26
歌曲:no big deal 歌手:lara fabian 专辑:a wonderful life looking from a distance, seems like i've lost it all and everyone around me is waiting for this girl to fall but my heart is missing, i just lost control if i don't know why, why would i know how? i'v