The Flaming Lips Once Beyond Hopelessness歌词


  • 专辑:Christmas on Mars
  • 歌手:The Flaming Lips
  • 歌曲:Once Beyond Hopelessness

The Flaming Lips Once Beyond Hopelessness歌词


The Flaming Lips It's Summertime歌词

01/03 13:50
It's summertime - and I can understand if you Still feel - sad - It's summertime and though it's hard to see its true possibilities - When you look inside - all you'll see When you look inside - all you'll see Is a self-reflected inner sadness - Look

The Flaming Lips Watching the Planets歌词

08/05 03:10
Oh, oh, oh, watching the planets Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, watching the planets align Oh, oh, oh, what is the reason Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, I got no reason to lie Yes, yes, yes, killing the ego Yes, yes, yes, alright Yes, yes, yes, killi

The Flaming Lips On the Run歌词

04/18 06:37
(Instrumental) Spoken Words: ...Baggage, your passports ready, and follow the green line to customs and then to immigration. BA two-one-five to Rome, Prado, Naples. May I have your attention, please, customs will be receiving passengers for BA two-on

The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1歌词

12/09 01:12
Her name is Yoshimi She's a black belt in karate Working for the city She has to discipline her body Cause she knows that It's demanding To defeat those evil machines I know she can beat them Oh Yoshimi They don't believe me But you won't let those R

The Flaming Lips Fight Test歌词

07/06 03:21
Lyrics to Fight Test : I thought I was smart - I thought I was right I thought it better not to fight - I thought there was a Virtue in always being cool - so when it came time to Fight I thought I'll just step aside and that time would Prove you wro

The Flaming Lips Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon (Utopia Planitia)歌词

04/14 14:25
In the morning I awake And I couldn't remember What is love and what is hate The calculation's error Oh, what is love and what is hate? And why does it matter? Is to love just a waste? How can it matter? As the dawn began to break I had to surrender

The Flaming Lips Are You a Hypnotist??歌词

11/29 14:09
I had forgiven you for tricking me again But I have been tricked again - Into forgiving you - What is this?? Are you some kind of hypnotist?? Waving your powers around - the sun eclipse behind the cloud... I thought I recognized your face Amongst all

The Flaming Lips Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell歌词

08/29 17:16
I was waiting on a moment But the moment never came All the billion other moments Were just slipping all away I must have been tripping Just ego tripping I was wanting you to love me But your love it never came All the other love around me Was just w

The Flaming Lips Race for the Prize歌词

12/07 20:05
Two scientists are racing For the cure of all mankind Both of them side by side So determined Locked in heated battle For the cure that is their prize But it's so dangerous But they're determined Theirs is to win If it kills them They're just human W