Rollerskate Skinny Angela Starling歌词

Angela Starling was way past hope
and on to something that she's never find
after that day things got bigger than us
they got bigger than giants and given a life
I know magic finds its way
I've been blistered by the moonbeams the moonbeams
I have had much better time than these
better reasons and better excuses
to ring a bell for the tiny man's uses
don't have to decide
I love this compromise
you've finally got me swallowing miracles
the whole way down
then came the dawning
the waking the tasting and
the need to live longer
than ever before
all the wrongdoing after one wrongdoing
was clearer than history to her
I know magic finds its way
I've been blistered by the moonbeams

  • 专辑:Horsedrawn Wishes
  • 歌手:Rollerskate Skinny
  • 歌曲:Angela Starling

Rollerskate Skinny Angela Starling歌词


Rollerskate Skinny Ribbon Fat歌词

06/06 04:01
Now the reins are loose and all around The tumbleweed is tracing out your frown The furrow's on the rise The buried are alive There's trouble in the seven-day dust Now the veil of beasts have dragged you 'round You've kissed the hands of stranglehold

Rollerskate Skinny Cradle Burns歌词

11/07 16:21
It's alright it's just the cradle burns racing to corner of your mind that hates the world burn the dress and hang it in the tree count the birds that see the shine of hope without disease I am the son of a mother and a man but the monkey is wheezing

Rollerskate Skinny Man Under Glass歌词

02/18 12:59
I deny everything good I want to stay on the side The side that keeps you alive The side that says you're alright All worlds are fantasy worlds So choose your fantasy world You are a man under glass You are dishwater and gas Time is roadkill and fast

Rollerskate Skinny All Mornings Break歌词

10/17 17:44
And by times' decisions for me I've been dancing to some glamorous regrets Borrowing the memories of my dreams Sinking down into the bloodless arms The bloodless arms of angels that cool down A million loveless moments that I've had You don't look go

Rollerskate Skinny Speed to My Side歌词

11/20 10:37
I followed them footsteps Where they lunge the mean To the edge of Christ where they hoist the night like a closing eye For a lover, for a lover I'm only here to lean Noise flew birds through the crooked sky and they all said see Speed to my side Dow

Rollerskate Skinny Swab the Temples歌词

05/13 07:51
Trying to get well No lies here lies Swab the temples of the untapped dream boy A jagged day in life For the lighthouse parasites I hope you'll be the same again Well, the same as us A rest from your tomorrows From the spoon and back again They keep

Rollerskate Skinny One Thousand Couples歌词

12/27 11:54
The Gethsemane head and the bathwater baby Are aching for life quite apart from the flow Do you distance yourself from the courage of crowds To get through the day So who am I To be so sure that We are the lost souls We have been suffering Could you

Rollerskate Skinny Bell Jars Away歌词

07/27 05:18
Your skin holds no bones The bones I know Bell jars away Let's be fearless with our promises Bowed in for reasons For those reasons I have thrown myself Into your warm hold Where you bless away the shivering We were saved by cars We were saved by bed

angela Shangri-La歌词

05/01 01:14
愚かでいいのだろう 見渡す夢の痕 さよなら 蒼き日々よ 流れに身を任せ いつか大人になってゆく 少しずつ汚れてゆく事なの? 熟した果実だけ 選ばれて ナイフで裂かれて 飲み込まれる前に 僕等は目指した Shangri-La 欲望は抑えきれずに 空想にまみれた 「自由」を求め続けた 今なら言えるだろう 此処がそう楽園さ さよなら 蒼き日々よ 大切な何かを 踏み台にしてまでも 一番高い林檎 掴みたかった 無くしてから気付く 尊いモノ 幼い僕等は 的はずれだらけさ 満ち足りた日々の制圧は 情緒不安定に