Arwen Between Love and Pain歌词

Look through time
fell the heat on your skin
breezes're whispering a tale
remember what I say

Girl made of stone
show me your burning heart
full of feelings that an arrow crossed

I see a light shine in your eyes
and now I know... I'm not wrong!
help me to break this thin line
between love and pain

If I cry, will you feel my tears?
If you die...

Tell me why don't you have desires
and let your dreams fly with mine
then our souls will be together
finding what real love is this time

The feel of your kiss
Steals my life and my breath
I am bonding with you, this is my desire

Maybe someday I'll be far away
But my love for you will never change

I see a light...

  • 专辑:Memories of a Dream
  • 歌手:Arwen
  • 歌曲:Between Love and Pain

Arwen Between Love and Pain歌词


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한동안 말이 없이 그렇게 있었죠 어색한 인사 뒤로 스쳐 지났지만 그댄 행복해 보이네요 그대 곁에 그사람 나보다 좀 더 잘 해 줄거예요 그대 떠나보낸 그 겨울 오랫동안 많이 아파하고 있지만 소용없는걸요 처음 그대에게 조심스레 다가갔던 날 해맑은 미소로 내맘 받아주었죠 너무 보고 싶어 눈물도 나지만 (I don`t cry) 이제는 말할 수 없죠 (또 다시한번) 사랑한다고 말하고 싶지만 이제는 내가 아닌 또 다른 그대가 가끔씩 내 안부를 묻는 네 전


05/15 03:56
[ti:YOUR PAIN] [ar:Ms.OOJA] [al:Ms.OOJA] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.10]YOUR PAIN - Ms.OOJA [00:02.70]�:Ms.OOJA [00:04.23]曲:Ms.OOJA [00:07.26] [00:13.39]sorry baby [00:14.48]こんな日がくるならもっと大切にしたいと [00:20.18]�すぎた�ちに �は�意味ね [00:27.06]�去には�れない 心は�らない [00:33.59

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