Jeremy Fisher You Again歌词

You again
I thought that we were only friends
I thought this was not happening, you said
I must have heard you wrong i guess

Oh, you again
You're lying next to me in bed
Your eyes are full of tears, your heart's filled with regret
It's nice to see you too again

Write another letter, leave it on the bedside table
Baby let's be honest, you know we were never able to be honest
Or keep a promise

You again
Sometimes you make me shake my head
I know just how you feel about it, about us
And about you and him

Write another letter, leave it on the bedside table
Baby let's be honest, you know we were never able to be hones
Or keep a promise

It's you again
We're hip to hip and chest to chest
You could not make a bugger mess of my head
But i'm still glad it's you again.

  • 专辑:The Lemon Squeeze
  • 歌手:Jeremy Fisher
  • 歌曲:You Again


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