Duca Love letter歌词

まばたきするように 过ぎ去っていった季节
君との1ペジは どれも宝物なんだよ

泣いたり笑ったり どんな时もすぐそばで
本当の幸せを はじめて 仆は知った

ずっとずっと 忘れられないよ
君と过ごした かけがえない时间
もしも この先2人が 止まない雨で

このまま もう少し 星を数えていようか

远くの夜空に 鲜やかに咲いた花火
消えてゆく花びらが なんだか悲しかった

强く强く 抱きしめてたいよ
小さな肩と 柔らかな香り
もしも 描いた未来が 叶うのならば
「爱してる」 心を込めて
届けたい この想い
Love letter
To beloved you

  • 专辑:PCゲーム「夏ノ雨」 初回限定版 初回特典 Maxi Single CD
  • 歌手:Duca
  • 歌曲:Love letter


菊池桃子 雪にかいたLOVE LETTER歌词

05/06 03:39
あなたに伝えたいの この胸のときめき 雪の上にそっと書いたレター 遠い教会の鐘(かね)の音(ね) 古いオルガンが聞こえる 白い クリスマスイヴ 私 一人ぼっちよ 誰にも言えないほど 小さな物語 叶わぬ夢 あなたを愛してから 初めて来た冬は 北の風が冷たい こんなクリスマス イヴには 人はロマンスを信じる 街の灯(あか)りがともる 恋が生まれる夜ね あなたがいつも通る[secret love] レンガの石畳(いしだたみ) 雪の上に せつない想いだけを[no body know] 指で書いておくの

DJ OKAWARI Luv Letter歌词

11/11 22:51
轻音乐啊 专辑:MIRROR 歌手:DJ OKAWARI 歌曲:Luv Letter

Robert Plant Please Read the Letter歌词

11/28 15:32
Caught out running With just a little too much to hide Maybe baby Everything's gonna turn out fine Please read the letter I mailed pinned it to your door It's crazy how it all turned out We needed so much more Too late, too late A fool could read the

Soundtrack The Letter歌词

04/26 03:55
Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane Ain't got time to take a fast train Lonely days are gone, I'm a-goin' home My baby, just-a wrote me a letter I don't care how much money I gotta spend Got to get back to baby again Lonely days are gone, I'm a-goin' hom

R. Kelly Love Letter歌词

07/10 22:42
R. Kelly - Love Letter (Lyrics by MaxRNB) La la la la la la La la la la Did you get my card? Did you read my love letter? Did it touch your heart? When you read my love letter Sunny days, smiling face Spirit filled, heaven praise Memories in my mind

Foxy Brown The Letter歌词

11/11 09:49
The Letter [ron isley] *shimmering memories.. up in the studio gettin low* *listening... it's the realest shit i've ever wrote* This is a letter From inga To my mother, and my brothers, and my baby [foxy brown] Dear mommy, i apologize I know it's bec

서진영 Love Letter歌词

05/26 20:47
[ti:Love letter] [ar:서진영] [al:여름향기(KBS 제2TV 미니시리즈)] [00:02.00]서진영 - Love letter [00:06.00] [00:17.00]그대 생각하는 내가 좋아요 [00:25.00]어느새 난 그댈 닮아가네요 [00:33.50]아직도 아이 같다며핀잔을 주겠죠 [00:44.00]한발자국 내게 다가온 그대 [00:52.00]움직이지 않고 눈을 감았죠 [01:01.00]순간 숨이 막혀오고 [01:06.00]

Various Artists The Letter歌词

07/17 02:57
[ti:The Letter - Sound-A-Like As Made Famous By The Boxtops] [ar:Various Artists] [al:Almost Pop: Hey Mr. Tambourine Man] [offset:0] [00:00.61]The Letter - Sound-A-Like As Made Famous By The Boxtops - Various Artists [00:04.98]Gimme a ticket for an a

REO Speedwagon In Your Letter歌词

01/04 19:57
In your letter, you said you didn't love me. You said you wanna leave me, But you could've said it better. Oh, in your letter, you said you couldn't face me. You said you could replace me, But you could've said it better. You could have left him only