Morbid Angel Maze of Torment歌词

Life betrayal - a warping rage

Evil ripping caverns through your mind

Immolation - in blood you've signed your soul away

Sickening life ends but the horror has just begun

Vultures moaning a funeral dirge

Walls await to cradle you and rip

your soul apart

Incessant screams echoes through the maze

Insanity approaches - imminent demise

Maze of torment...

Stricken from the holy book deliverance to pain

Effigy of jesus christ burning in your mind

Voices cry out to bid you welcome

Locked within the dungeons of

darkness - no escape!!

Maze of torment

Passing through corridors embedded with

Scars of those who have gone before you

And left their marks

Warning comes to late to save you now

Visions of suffering stab from the inside

You pray for death

Mourning does no good as you can only die once

Souls are being raped by the maze

Lost in these halls... endlessly

  • 专辑:Altars of Madness
  • 歌手:Morbid Angel
  • 歌曲:Maze of Torment

Morbid Angel Maze of Torment歌词


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Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Hammers of Mayhem 歌手:Maze of Torment 歌曲:Dead Soul

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长生不死是无数人的梦想,毕竟永恒的生命可以用来干很多没有限制的事,这是人性最深也是最简单的贪婪. 本砖第一首 immortal rites 就是一个警钟 Immortal Rites不朽祭典 The gift of immortality 永生的不朽之礼 Gathered for a sacred rite 聚集于此召开神圣祭典 Call upon immortals 召唤不朽之人 Call upon the oldest ones to intercede 召唤长者来斡旋 Rid us of