Riverside Volte-Face歌词

I have spent all my previous life
Waiting for something else to start
Now I see that I have felt so numb
To everything that passed me by

Need to go land on my own two feet
Need to change my life this way
Need to free my mind of memories
Watch them how they screw my brain

Convinced what I feel inside
In darkness I float
How far is the light?

Inside – fearland
Don’t want you to know
Outside – fearless
I do want you to watch
Do you mind?

Would you step aside
Make way for me
Can’t you see I’m dead set on doing this

Enough of dreamless nights
Enough of sleepless nights
I’m the way I am
Get out of my sight
Do you mind?

You can put me in the lion’s cage
You can take my soul
Give a second name
But I don’t intend to stop my fight
And I’m not afraid
Not afraid

  • 专辑:Reality Dream
  • 歌手:Riverside
  • 歌曲:Volte-Face


Valerio Scanu Per Tutte Le Volte Che歌词

03/01 00:03
Per tutte le volte che mi dici basta e basta più non è non corrisponde il flusso delle tue parole al battito del cuore per tutte le volte che mi chiedi scusa e scusa più non è ma trovi sempre il modo di farmi sembrare il simbolo del male Per tutte le

Re:Volte Moon.歌词

03/20 21:39
暂无 专辑:東方幻奏録6 歌手:Re:Volte 歌曲:Moon.

Sidney Samson Riverside (Original Mix)歌词

01/11 14:10
Me plus you, that equals better equations We must do, do subtraction of your clothes Me and you, you got a date tonight I'm gonna be so straight tonight These chicks wanna come take me right So walked in the club looking so fresh Chicks on set, drink

Various Artists Per Tutte Le Volte Che...歌词

12/23 06:56
Per... Tutte le volte... Che Mi dici basta e basta piщ non и Non corrisponde Il flusso delle tue parole al battito del cuore Per... Tutte le volte... Che Mi chiedi scusa e scusa piщ non и Ma trovi sempre Il modo di farmi sembrare il simbolo del male.

Albert Ayler Down by the Riverside [Take 6]歌词

02/02 14:16
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Goin' Home 歌手:Albert Ayler 歌曲:Down by the Riverside [Take 6]

Riverside 酔花 歌词

12/23 20:30
酔花 作詞:_yoc. 作曲:ZUN 编曲:_yoc. 歌:秣本瑳羅 原曲: 東方萃夢想 千切(ちぎ)れた云(くも)の隙间(すきま)に 映(は)ゆる今宵(こよい)の月(つき)は 解(と)けた帯(おび)によく似(に)た 淡(あわ)い花模様(はなもよう) 爱(いと)し君(きみ)の唇(くちびる)が口(くち)ずさむ手毬呗(てまりうた) あの日(ひ)の面影(おもかげ)はもう 祸夜(まがよ)最(も)の果(は)て 根雪(ねゆき)の下(した)で 芽吹(めぶ)いた意思(いし)の 蕾(つぼみ)は何処(どこ)で咲(さ

Riverside 廃獄のロア歌词

12/03 19:38
廃獄のロア 原曲『廃ゴクララバイ』 Album『Gran Magna』 再収録『Edis revir -Riverside vocal best album & ryuno's art works vol.1-』 Arrange&Lyrics:Cororo Vocal:秣本瑳羅 ※ye moira ish laphere near lawida shealia rdiala syaramanica kiel mayje hawpilujah ill feeyue rmana wize so

Riverside Moonlight Windia歌词

07/24 18:52
孤独の中一人 月(あかり)を捜してる 覚めない 空想(ゆめ)を求めてた 無限に繰り返す無意味な世界なら 壊れてしまえばいいのに 誰の声も聞こえない 静寂の闇に 懐かしい記憶 霞んでく- 風が運ぶ 調べを 溶かして咲かせた あの笑顔 追憶の君の影を重ねて この想いを 月に捧げる ただ傍に居たいと どんなに願っても 醒めない 悪夢(ゆめ)が現実で 窓に映る月に 想いだけが募る 会えない大切な君へ 薄雲をすり抜けて 照らし出される身を ねぇ.導いて 離さないでいて 君がくれた 約束 忘れられなくて あ

Riverside Esoterica - esoteria -歌词

02/05 10:33
arbh a bhi ann nior chreid sí mé féach an claoomhni maith liom agam á arais...nior marbh si 「Esoterica-esoteria-」 when you close your eyes in the breeze, you were heard tell of a starlight shining rains and clear blue sky it was here when you open yo

Riverside Artificial Smile歌词

09/10 15:27
Hi my friend Shake my hand Tell your lie With your artificial smile Don't be mad I just want to help you To say these words out loud I don't like you cause they like you I hate you cause they love you I wish you ill cause they wish you well I'm so ha