Majesty Troopers of Steel歌词

[Verse 1]
Here we are, the mighty warlords.
Heroes of the night.
We'll never fall, we raise our proud swords.
We are standing side by side.

Join the crusade of might and glory.
We're fighting to be free.
It's never to late to live adventure
And to fulfill your dreams.

Another battle to fight, another battle to win.
In the name of the gods let the fighting begin!

Hail! All Hail!
Let the battle prevail
'cause we are the Troopers of Steel

Stand in a crowd! Leave the bad things behind us.
All that counts is pride.
And if we fall another world is waiting,
To where the valkries are our guide.

When cold wind blows and the eagles are crying
Up in the mighty sky.
We hear the call of Steel and Iron.
It is worth to try!


Hail! All Hail!
True Heroes don't fail
'cause we are the Troopers of Steel

We ride for glory, we ride for might.
The storm is coming.
We will ride into the night.

Standing here on the battlefield
'cause that's our only fate
Brothers we shall pass the secret gate.
A golden shield is given to us by the witch of destiny.
We are the Troopers of Steel


  • 专辑:Reign in Glory
  • 歌手:Majesty
  • 歌曲:Troopers of Steel

Majesty Troopers of Steel歌词


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