Easton Corbin Dance Real Slow歌词

[ti:Dance Real Slow]
[ar:Easton Corbin]
[al:All Over the Road]
[00:00.00] Easton Corbin - Dance Real Slow
[00:08.49] .ÖĐÎĸč´Ężâ
[00:09.62] Always running like Im racing,
[00:11.85] road keeps spinning while Im trying to chase it down.
[00:18.98] Always sooner never later
[00:21.04] and I only know one way to slow it down.
[00:28.53] I wanna hear you breathing,
[00:30.51] feel your head there on my shoulder,
[00:32.76] Man this whole crazy life is moving way to fast
[00:36.70] .
[00:36.88] I wanna dance real slow
[00:44.70] Put your arms around me
[00:46.37] Let me hold you close
[00:53.64] Girl I wanna hear you tell me
[00:56.09] Dont let go
[01:03.51] I love it when we dance real slow
[01:11.37] .
[01:15.00] We can go out honky-tonking or stay here
[01:18.06] where no ones watching, me and you
[01:24.21] Light a candle in the kitchen,
[01:26.23] I can clear a spot out if you want me to.
[01:33.54] Put on a record, find a station on the radio
[01:37.60] If its too rocking all we gotta do is close our eyes and
[01:42.73] .
[01:42.98] Dance real slow
[01:49.86] Put your arms around me
[01:51.59] Let me hold you close
[01:59.25] Girl I wanna hear you tell me
[02:01.37] Dont let go
[02:08.71] I love it when we dance real slow
[02:16.53] .
[02:17.09] Like were the only people left in the world
[02:21.57] There aint nobody here but me and you girl
[02:26.09] What you say we give it a whirl?
[02:30.43] .
[02:46.00] Girl I wanna hear you tell me
[02:48.00] Dont let go
[02:56.01] I love it when we dance real slow
[03:03.58] .

  • 专辑:All Over the Road
  • 歌手:Easton Corbin
  • 歌曲:Dance Real Slow


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