Greg Camp The Maid歌词

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  • 专辑:Defektor
  • 歌手:Greg Camp
  • 歌曲:The Maid


Greg Camp This Is Good, Right?歌词

01/28 08:05
[ti:This Is Good] [ar:Ricky Martin] [al:Life] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Ricky Martin - This Is Good [00:03.67](feat. Voltio) [00:05.67]制作 专辑:Defektor 歌手:Greg Camp 歌曲:This Is Good, Right?

Greg Laswell Salvation Dear歌词

10/23 00:59
Okay, go ahead and stay But don't sleep in too late, I've got to wake alone It's just that goodnight is easier than goodbye I'm already sold on ending up alone And oh don't you dare pray for my salvation, dear Can't you tell that I'm in love with you

Jeremy Camp Right Here歌词

03/11 17:52
[ti:Right Here] [ar:Jeremy Camp] [al:Bridge To Terabithia] [00:00:00]Jeremy Camp [00:01.83]Right Here [00:04.64]Bridge To Terabithia [00:08.25] [00:15.72]All the world is watching [00:22.11]All the world does care [00:28.53]Even when the world weighs

Old Crow Medicine Show Union Maid歌词

10/07 18:39
Now there once was a union maid, she never was afraid Of the goons and the ginks and the company finks and the deputy sheriffs who made the raid. She went to the union hall where a meeting it was called, And when the boys would come up to her Oh this

Jeremy Camp Revive Me歌词

06/25 13:44
Jeremy Camp \ Revive Me Consider my affliction and please deliver me Plead my cause and redeem me Salvation is not for the wicked For they don't seek your word Great are your tender mercies Lord CHORUS Revive me, according to your loving kindness Rev

Jeremy Camp Jesus Saves歌词

04/15 14:28
Hope is here, shout the news to everyone It's a new day, peace has come, Jesus saves Mercy triumphs at the cross Love is come to rescue us, Jesus saves Hope is here what a joyful noise we'll make As we join with heaven's song To let all the world kno

Bad Books The Easy Mark & The Old Maid歌词

10/03 02:42
Some men collapse at the racetrack Their wrong and beat up, their eyes black Others wilt in casinos Roll dice and piss away speedboats Some dissolve into bar stools Scratched off in boxes and playoff pools I spent myself on a psychic I lost my way an

Laura Marling Made By Maid歌词

01/27 15:08
Laura Marling - Made By Maid They danced like sirens Hoping the sun would come out again And I was born in the fog of that day Can they hear a babe, under all that faith Or have they forgot what it was they made Crawled out of the fog, found a river

A Camp The Crowning歌词

08/10 14:53
A Camp - The Crowning LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang @ @ Brighten the corners and clear out the room Color the flowers in rose and maroon Light up the fires and season the swine We're gonna party like it's 1699 Slaughter the rabbits, the ducks, a