Gang Starr DWYCK歌词

[00:08.35]Ah yeah here's another Gangstarr sure shot featuring the one and
[00:13.15]Only uh heh heh heh handly handly boy nice and smooth hey hey
[00:19.44]Hey hey
[00:22.06]Ganstarr has got to be da sure shot
[00:23.52]Nice and Smooth has got to be da sure shot
[00:25.82]Ganstarr has got to be da sure shot
[00:28.11]Nice and Smooth has got to be da sure shot
[00:31.86]Greg Nice Greg N I C E
[00:33.53]Droppin dem basso ah oui oui
[00:35.95]Rock for a fee not for free
[00:38.29]Maybe I'll do it for charity
[00:40.56]Now my employer or my employee
[00:43.14]Is making Greg N I C E very M A D
[00:45.54]Don't ever ever think of jerkin me
[00:47.91]I work to hard for my royalty
[00:50.19]Put lead in ya ass and drink a cup of tea
[00:52.76]Peace to red Alert and kKid capri
[00:55.22]Ooohh la la ah oui oui I say muhammad ali ya say cassius clay
[01:00.03]I say butter you say parkay
[01:02.52]It's alright if ya wanna make a sway
[01:04.74]I'm a way up town took duece to the tre
[01:07.18]I originate they duplicate
[01:09.70]I praise the lord and keep the faith
[01:12.21]It's alright keep bitin at da bait
[01:14.54]Ninty two uh one year later
[01:17.20]Peace out Premier take me out wit da fader
[01:28.15]I chant eenie meenie minie moe
[01:30.37]I wreck da mic like a pimp pimps hoes
[01:32.75]Here's how it goes I am a genius I mean this
[01:35.49]I shake this you'll take this
[01:36.57]I'm kinda fiendish
[01:37.63]You wish that you could come into my neighborhood
[01:39.61]Meaning my mental state
[01:41.05]Still I'm five foot eight
[01:42.53]Crazy as I wanna be
[01:43.71]Cause I make it orderly
[01:44.92]You could say I'm sorta da boss so get lost
[01:47.09]The brotha dat will make you change opinions
[01:49.67]Dominions I'm in them when it's time to kick shit from
[01:52.04]The heart plus I get a piece of the action
[01:54.56]I'm feelin satisfaction from the street crowd reaction
[01:56.97]Chumps pull guns when they feel afraid too late
[01:59.87]When they dip in the kick they get sprayed
[02:01.69]Lemonade was a popular drink and in still is
[02:04.17]I get more props den stunts den Bruce Willis
[02:06.47]A poet like Langston Hughes and can't lose when I cruise
[02:10.09]Out on the expressway
[02:11.34]Leavin the Bodega I say suave
[02:13.68]Premier's got more beats den barns got hay
[02:16.24]Clips are inserted into my gun
[02:18.50]So I can take the money neva have ta run ta run ta run
[02:21.83]To me to me to me to me
[02:30.14]I left my Phillie at home
[02:32.00]Do you have another
[02:33.73]I wanna get blunted my brother
[02:35.54]Now may I make a mark
[02:36.95]Then make a spark over this phat track
[02:39.18]Or should I say dope beat
[02:40.91]Subtract delete
[02:42.98]All of the wick wack that wanna be abstract
[02:45.32]But they lack the new knack that's comin from way way back
[02:47.98]Hey yo premier please pass that buddha sack
[02:50.43]You hear we quit no way bullshit
[02:52.58]I told ya before we come back wit more hits I provide bright flava
[02:56.65]So you could sketch me
[02:58.27]Do me a favor dont try and catch me
[02:59.97]Slightly ahead of the game I'm not a lame
[03:02.75]Ask him he'll tell you the same he knows my name
[03:04.79]Smooth I drop jewels like paraphenalia
[03:07.23]I'm infallable not into failure
[03:09.62]Like a rhinocerus my speed is prosperous
[03:12.54]And pure knowledge expands from my esophagus
[03:15.30]I write here tonite to bring truth to the light
[03:17.15]My dialogue is my own cause Smooth B will neva bite
[03:22.52]I told ya before we come back wit more hits
[03:27.22]I told ya before we come back wit more hits
[03:32.06]I told ya before we come back wit more hits

  • 专辑:Hard to Earn
  • 歌手:Gang Starr
  • 歌曲:DWYCK



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