Seal No Easy Way歌词

[ti:No Easy Way]
[al:Human Being]
[00:-4.76]Seal - No Easy Way
[00:-2.55]★ lrc 编辑 妙一法师
[00:01.99]Close your heart
[00:05.15]Close your eyes
[00:08.44]Fake a kiss and
[00:11.02]Say goodbye
[00:12.86]Wheh you know it's not the way
[00:19.46]And you're leaving home today
[00:29.07]Anger rises
[00:32.23]The deed is done
[00:35.58]Just to say you
[00:38.00]Can't go on
[00:39.65]When you know that's not the way
[00:46.53]Yet you're leaving home today
[00:55.86]If i see a tear in your eye
[01:00.85]It's an easy way
[01:06.83]To say goodbye
[01:23.14]You're afraid
[01:26.28]So you lie
[01:29.63]Sometime this will get by
[01:34.04]But you know that's not the way
[01:41.05]And i trust you anyway
[01:53.41]But not for long
[01:56.89]Plain to see
[01:59.21]We're doing something wrong
[02:01.09]Even though you gone away
[02:07.78]I still love you
[02:17.02]But if i see a tear in your eye
[02:22.07]It's an easy way
[02:26.48]To say goodbye... oohhh oo
[02:40.12]To say goodbye... oohhhwhoa... bye
[02:53.70]To say goodbye...
[03:09.47]Sent you rilke
[03:12.99]By hand
[03:16.19]Hoping you would understand
[03:20.67]Don't you know that's not my way
[03:27.12]I was missing you today
[03:36.61]Anger rises
[03:39.83]The deed is done
[03:43.14]Just to say that
[03:45.70]You can't go on
[03:47.98]When you know that's not my way
[03:54.13]'cause i still love you
[04:00.21]After all we've
[04:03.38]Said and done
[04:06.92]Can't you see
[04:09.30]We can't go on
[04:11.95]'cause god knows there's no easy way
[04:24.63]To say goodbye

  • 专辑:Human Being
  • 歌手:Seal
  • 歌曲:No Easy Way

Seal No Easy Way歌词


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