Majestee of Sweden Supergirl歌词


  • 专辑:Supergirl
  • 歌手:Majestee of Sweden
  • 歌曲:Supergirl

Majestee of Sweden Supergirl歌词


Soundtrack SuperGirl歌词

09/06 22:15
SuperGirl - Krystal Harris Sometimes I have dreams I picture myself flying Above the clouds High in the sky Conquering the world With my magic piano Never being scared But then I realise I'm supergirl And I'm here To save the world And I wanna know W

Julie Zenatti Sweden Syndrome 歌词

12/29 17:56
Tard le soir comme c'est joli Les boulevards Paris la nuit Jolie la France on pari sa chance La course ici est réglée d'avance Vie lumière les taxis s'égarent A l'arrière on s'attend a voir Paris dernière des gens sur le trottoir Mais le prix ce soir

Reamonn Supergirl歌词

03/11 06:12
You can tell by the way She walks that she's my girl You can tell by the way She talks, she rules the world You can see in her eyes that no one is her Chi She's my girl, my Supergirl And then she'd say it's OK I got lost on the way But I'm a Supergir

Folder5 Supergirl歌词

03/02 11:51
歌:Folder5 作詞:GIBBER TONY 作曲:SAXON DANNY My name isスーパーガール 守るよ君を丸ごと My name isスーパーガール スーパーガール 抱きしめるから 退屈な.その気持ち.エスケープしてみない? 扉開いて.飛び出そう (Don't turn back check it out don't turn back) 恋すると.知らぬ間に(I'm looking in your face) 秘密の力が出せる 私と.一緒にGO!すぐに (I've star

Miley Cyrus Supergirl歌词

09/10 15:11
[ti:supergirl] [ar:princess's diary] [al:] [by:] [00:19.05]Sometimes I have dreams [00:21.79]I picture myself flying [00:25.09]Above the clouds [00:27.62]High in the sky [00:30.36]Conquering the world [00:32.58]With my magic piano [00:36.20]Never be

Various Artists Supergirl [Team 33 Radio Edit]歌词

10/27 01:33
I'm a super girl I'm gonna rule the world With my super-natural power Come and fly with me To my galaxy To my world of fantasy Let's take a ride in my rocket ship Just tell me where you wanna go We can have a party on a magic star Or take a walk on t

Various Artists Popular (Sweden) 歌词

05/02 10:42
[00:00:00] Eric Saade [00:04:00]浩Hkh 534654825 [00:11:00]stop don't say that's impossible , [00:16:00] cause i know it's possible [00:19:00]though i know you never love my way [00:23:00]i can say you'll one day [00:27:00]i can say you will one day [0

Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden Everything Went Down歌词

03/01 01:45
Everything went down, on Tuesday No one heard a sound Songs are falling down, in star light No one heard the sound of Tuesday, On Tuesday You know, you know, you can't be late You know, you know, you can't be late The sound of songs, now fading This

Lene Marlin Maybe I'll Go歌词

03/29 23:26
Maybe I'll Go By Lene Marlin You think youve made it everythings going so fine But then appears someone who wanna Tear you down Wanna rip you off those few nice things youve found When and if you hit the ground. Then its falling kinda hard Cause all