Michelle Branch Loud Music歌词

And now and then I get to wonderin'
What would have happen if we never met
I don't know
You take a drag of your cigarette
And drivin' too fast with some Zeppelin on, oh oh

You know you had me at "cool t-shirt, babe"
I said I wished that I'd seen Hendrix play
You took me home to see your new guitar
Turning it up, shook me all night long

Making loud music
We're making loud music
We're making loud music
You and I
So loud, so (loud)

It was like my life began that day
I still remember what the jukebox started to play

And then we had to take it on the road
Start me up like a rolling stone

Making loud music
We're making loud music
We're making loud music
You and I
So loud, so (loud)

What we got feels so good
Like I'm climbing a stairway to heaven
And it turns me on
When we dial it up all the way to eleven
(Loud, so loud, so)

We're making loud music
We're making loud music
We're making loud music
You and I
So loud, so (loud)
So loud, so (loud)

  • 专辑:Loud Music
  • 歌手:Michelle Branch
  • 歌曲:Loud Music

Michelle Branch Loud Music歌词


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