A Boys Punk Is Not Dead Yet歌词




  • 专辑:Oi! 来自18岁的声音
  • 歌手:A Boys
  • 歌曲:Punk Is Not Dead Yet

A Boys Punk Is Not Dead Yet歌词


Darren Hanlon Punk's Not Dead歌词

08/16 05:49
She answered our ad wanted We had a vacancy We didn't know what was in store But we were soon to see She plays records of The Foreskins At any given hour She turns on the hot water tap While I'm in the shower And at night the house is quiet You might

Dead Boys I Won't Look Back歌词

02/24 23:11
All my boyhood friends told me I'd fail Spend my life time friendless or in jail All the girls at the school dance Wouldn't give me a second chance But I won't look back I remember all their social games Gossip spreading talk among the lames Friday n

Dead Boys What Love Is (LP Version)歌词

11/14 21:35
I don't need none of your two-bit machine love And I don't need none of your tender back seat love I wanna write on your face with my pretty knife Toy with your precious life Wantcha to know, wantcha to know Wantcha to know, I want you to know what l

Scarface Hand of the Dead Body歌词

06/02 03:57
In world news today officials agree that rapper Brad Jordan alias Scarface must be stopped After being monitored by secret service agents for two years Evidence leads Tobacco and Fire Arms officials to believe that his promote literally dope drug lyr

Boys Like Girls Dance Hall Drug歌词

09/18 06:08
Grown up- she just turned 16 Stuck in the moment Dead at the scene And it's on tonight This is the life that you wanted, right? So turn off all the lights Dressed up just like a movie star At all the parties, they'll know who you are Wouldn't it be g

Brett Anderson Love Is Dead (Live)歌词

11/28 22:01
歌词来源:http://www.songtaste.com/song/441141/ Brett Anderson-Love Is Dead 逝爱(链接原来的翻译为:我的爱一去不复返) Album:Brett Anderson Nothing ever goes right, 我的爱情一路受挫, nothing really flows in my life ,没有一个人在我生命中停留. No one really cares if no one ever shares my bed ,没有一个

The Birthday Party Dead Joe歌词

08/18 12:00
Oh-ho-ho-ho Dead Joe Dead Joe Junk sculpture turning back to junk Dead Joe Oh joe nooooo! it's christmas time Joe it's christmas time now for you and all the little bells are hanging 2X2 the holly and the nativity oh speak to me Joe speak to me Joe s

Diana Vickers Dead Heat歌词

01/24 13:59
If I had to choose between oxygen and you It'd be, a dead heat 'Cause there's something in your kiss Turn me on like electricity It hits me Without you I'm just the bones of who I want to be And to lose you Would be like losing half of my heart beat

The Boys of Summer Is She Fiction歌词

12/18 18:54
Wish, wish if you will but not for the cynic in your head Or the background noise in your bed The one truth that I wanna have, the one thing I can't grasp The one person I can't get is she fiction or is she real I once had a dream so bright my eyes t