War of Ages Collapse歌词

We're Filled with emptiness
Re-living our mistakes
Why are you so afraid?
We never were alone

Selfish anger now plagued with a thought
Our lives or nothing else
Hearts bleed from a lifetime of pain
We're reaching for empty dreams
Endless battle of death over life
Has allowed our lives to fade
So many times I've felt like a failure
Such distance brings hopelessness
Just an ounce of fear with a cost
Pushed us into a place of regret
We never thought we would cower
We're losing ground with integrity
Innocence can't hold a candle
To light the patch we chose
Through the blood of a savior
Our death shall set us free

  • 专辑:Eternal
  • 歌手:War of Ages
  • 歌曲:Collapse


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