John Smith There Is a Stone歌词

There is a Stone_John Smith
Soon maybe I will be able
Darling if only you knew
There is a stone that sits on the tip of my tongue
When I need to say something to you
But I shout into the deepest places
So it echoes an end
Where high walls still hold back
And raise the waters black
That some day may take us again
Here are all of my riches
I've laid them all in tribute to thee
And this is the kiss that will stand in the guise
Of an unspoken promise from me
To light the waiting beacons
Illuminate the spires
Whose high walls still hold back
And raise the waters black
That some day may take us in
A bottle spins on the table,
Somewhere he is reminded of you
You are the one whom he shook
With promises crooked
And here is a promise that's true
I will shout into the deepest places
My love will endure till the end
Where high walls still hold back
And raise the waters black
And the fathomless attack
That some day may take us again.

  • 专辑:Great Lakes
  • 歌手:John Smith
  • 歌曲:There Is a Stone

John Smith There Is a Stone歌词


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