Little Birdy Stay Wild歌词

I haven't seen no place like this
I haven't seen no place like this
No-one will see
No-one will see what I do now
What I do now
Oh it's just us moving

I haven't seen a place so ghost-like
A place that's seen some of the best in my eyes
Pages will turn, sirens will sings
Words will be said, words that will hurt
Oh it's just us drifting

Cause I wanna leap, wanna dive,
Wanna leap, wanna leap yeah

You have planned to sow your seeds
To move on straight, to move on past me
The truth will speak and
I'll wanna see if this ship will sail
Are we gonna make it?
Oh there's time
For a new day, for a new day
I wanna leap, wanna dive,
Wanna leap, wanna leap yeah

In my heart, stay wild
In my heart, stay wild
Cause I wanna leap, wanna dive,
Wanna leap, wanna leap yeah

  • 专辑:Confetti
  • 歌手:Little Birdy
  • 歌曲:Stay Wild

Little Birdy Stay Wild歌词


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