JJ Heller Big World, Baby歌词

Little hands, when you get tired
I will help you through
Little heart, when you get broken
I will shelter you
Little ears, if you will listen
You will hear the truth
You will hear the truth

It's a big world, baby
Big enough to dream
You're not too small to do great things

I'll be with you right beside you
Hold you when you cry
When the rain is falling on you
I will keep you dry
When you sail on stormy seas
I will be your guide
I will be your guide

It's a big world, baby
Big enough to dream
You're not too small to do great things

Hear the music play
Dancing in your soul
Listen to the symphony
You're beautiful

  • 专辑:I Dream of You
  • 歌手:JJ Heller
  • 歌曲:Big World, Baby


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